• National Household Hazardous Waste
  • National Household Hazardous Waste

Consequences of Improper Disposal

When the Hazardous Products Waste is improper disposal, the Consequences depend on place where is doing that.

Throwing in the Garbage or burring?

In most residential areas waste collection is done from door to door with a special vehicle and transported to appropriate landfills. However, they are designed for household waste and the destruction of Hazardous Products Waste has specialized landfills for hazardous waste. Improper disposal of Chemical Household Products garbage directly leads to their infiltration in the soil and from there through groundwater threatens to reach not only all waters nearby, but also to water sources supplying the population with drinking water. Some of carelessly discarded with garbage Hazardous Products Waste can evaporate into the air and pollute the atmosphere and cause an explosion or fire to reaction with other substances or even sun exposure.

Pouring down the drain?

When we are talking about Chemical Household And Cleaning Products often they are pouring down the drain in case of expired, for example. Thus they reach the municipal sewage or groundwater, if you have a septic tank. Solid Hazardous Products Waste decomposes partly or precipitate. Liquid, however, go along with wastewater in sewage treatment plants, where the risk toxic substances impair or destroy beneficial bacteria and thus disrupt the system. However, if succeed in pass through the filters of bio treatment plants, they are directly discharged into nearby rivers and lakes. There are some toxic substances which in contact with other reagents cause a chemical reaction that leads to formation of new toxic chemicals.

When burning?

If you have decided that the safest way to get rid of Chemical Household and Cleaning Products is to burn them is certainly not the right decision. The majorities of Hazardous Products Wastes are inflammable and may cause an explosion. If this is not to come, at least definitely burning will emit toxic gases and smoke, mixed with particles of matter kilns. So not only will it be polluted the atmosphere and the environment, but there is a high risk to the safety and health of people nearby.